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ff220721133941281247 拷貝




蛋白質           0.8公克(g)

碳水化合物     7.6公克(g)

鈉            37.2 毫克(mg)

 脂肪            2.6公克(g)

 飽和脂肪      1.3公克(g)

 反式脂肪                   0

          ♦ Kindly Notice ♦ 

                     The filling is easy to become hard
            in colder areas/countries
                       due to there is no additive added into the products
                        Microwaves or ovens are applicable
                     for slight heatinglasts approximately 10 seconds,
               it will become soft again.
                      (Plastic packages need to be torn off)   






♦ 食品原料




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